Magic in the Blood: When making a Knowledge (arcana) check; Eladrin may roll twice and use either result.
+ 2 Knowledge (arcana)
+ 2 Knowledge (history)

They no longer have the marks on their faces of moons, stars or suns.
Increase life span to 1000+ years.
Average Height: 5’10" to 6’6"

Eladrin Education
+ 2 Arcana
+ 2 History


  1. Members of the Elven race that lost their connection to the Fey Wild during the Great Loss.
  2. They were banished from the Fey Wild by the Elven pantheon, who banished them for their betrayal (accidental though it was) of Corellon.
  3. In order to maintain their power and long life spans the Eladrin turned to arcane magics.
  4. They now mostly reside in the floating magic city of Aileas Tandros.
  5. The Eladrin people took after Corellon in his study of Arcane magics and in his predisposition to vanity and hubris. It was this hubris that lead them to accidentally betraying Corellon.
  6. According to the Eladrin people, they thought they had found a long forgotten ritual of power and protection in a destroyed temple of the goddess Lolth. In their vanity they instantly began to cast the ritual in order to help strengthen their god, Corellon, before fully discovering the effects of the spell. The ritual was in fact a curse that greatly weakened Corellon and lead to his eventual fall in battle with Gruumsh. It was this act of rashness and hubris that lead the Elven pantheon and the Fey Courts to banish the Eladrin from the Fey Wild.
  7. The Eladrin look at themselves as the true elfs and see Elfs as lesser cousins that the other lesser Elven gods choose to replace them.
  8. Many Eladrin have forsaken all the Fey Courts and now worship gods of knowledge, magic and exploration.

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