August Session

Having spent some time in Sigilrock, the party agrees to “assist” Torvar in removing the threats besieging this town, Redwood. Also, they wish to find out why Torvar, in addition to themselves, is described on a list of targets to be assassinated that they recovered on their journey to Eidolon. Prior to meeting the party, Torvar had discovered an abandoned mining camp with signs that some of the attacks on his town may have originated from it. He had ventured to Sigilrock (meeting the party on the way) in order to find others to help him fully explore the mines.

While Torvar leads the party to the mines they are attacked by a band of troglodytes, wolves and worgs. A quick investigation of the war band following its defeat leads the party to believe that the troglodytes were just lying in wait to ambush anybody who passed. The party, now wary of the troglodyte presence, approaches the mining camp with cautiously. They discover that the camp is now defended by more troglodytes.

Realizing that they don’t have a ton of options, the group decides to storm the gates to the camp and hope their prowess can defeat the gate’s defenders. Relatively successful (one troglodyte manages to flee into the mine entrance), the party quickly searches the camp and the mine entrance. Finding little of value and no real information, they pursue the fleeing troglodyte into the mines. Traveling only a short way into the mines, the party finds itself facing the fleeing troglodyte and more of its allies. Unfortunately, this battle doesn’t go nearly as well for the party. Despite defeating most of their enemies, the party finds itself it dire straits – Torvar lies nearly dead and Adic has disappeared into a pit trap while chasing down the remaining troglodyte. Will Torvar die? Where is Adic? Are they ever going to finally kill that bastard troglodyte who keeps managing to survive and escape?



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