July Session

Down a couple of members, our group of adventurers decides to quickly regroup at Flavius’ manor and decide on the their next course of action. Having decided that they must flee Freeport to escape retaliation, the party gathers those things that they need and decides to wait until the cover of night to begin their escape. Unfortunately, their opposition has other things in mind.

Quickly striking, a team of assassins sent by their goblinoid enemies attacks the group at Flavius’ manor. They quickly dispatch Flavuis’ manservant, Nelson, and seem poised to end Flavius’ mockery of life. However, the timely return of their ally, Adic, helps save the party. Thus, begins their life on the run.

Traveling through the Free Marches on their way to Eidolon, the party is ambushed by a band of tiefling assassins. A search of the dead assassins bodies reveals a list of assassination targets that includes the party members as well as additional description of a male human.

The party manages to uneventfully travel onwards within the Marches to next nearest village, Fragilerock (a outlying “suburb” of the largest town in the area, Sigilrock). While resting at the local inn, the party is again attacked by a group of assassins. While fighting, the tieflings light the inn on fire to add confusion to the battle. The party, however, grits it out and is able to defeat their enemies and help the townspeople save part of inn and the surrounding buildings. They even manage to capture and question one of their opponents before disposing of him. They learn that the other person on the list is a priest in a small community called Redwood, which houses temples to both the Raven Queen and Eson Gax.

Having hired on with a caravan traveling to Sigilrock, the party heads out with a caravan shortly thereafter. On the road, the caravan is attacked by a peryton. During the fight, a mysterious figure arrives to aid in the monster’s defeat. After killing the peryton, the party learns the mysterious figure is Torvar Larcenn, a priest of Eson Gax from the town of Redwood. What strange coincidence is this? Is Torvar who is says he is? Why is traveling this road alone? What do he and the group have in common that would cause someone to want to assassinate them?



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